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Can My Hamster

Get to Know More About Your Hamster

Can My Hamster Eat

What Foods Can Hamsters Eat?

Struggling to figure out if that piece of food is safe or deadly for your little friend? or perhaps you want to know what tasty treats your hamster can eat, we are here to help!

Can My Hamster Drink

What Can Hamsters Drink?

We all know Hamsters do love to drink water. But did you know they can drink other beverages too?

Can My Hamster do other things?

What Can Hamsters Do?

Hamsters are awesome and can actually do a wide range of tasks. They might not be able to snowboard or ride bikes but they are amazing climbers and the best hoarders!

Can My Hamster A Website Dedicated to The Humble Hamster


A small animal covered in fur with a short tail and large pouches in each side of its mouth for storing food. Hamsters are often kept as pets.


Do you know what dietary requirements you hamster needs to thrive? How about if if they need any exercise or hobbies to keep them occupied? Well we can help you with all that.

We provide guides, tips and tricks on how to keep you hamster, happy and healthy.

Hamsters are capable of performing a wide range of tasks
Hamster Playing Video Games

Keep Your Hamster Occupied

Looking for toys, gadgets and types of food? Why not check out our recommendations.

“I didn’t realise that us hamsters could eat so many different types of food, will definitely be coming back for more”


“Wait a minute you said us Hamster can’t snowboard? Well I will prove you wrong, I will prove you all wrong!”


“Hi I’m a Hamster and I found this website really useful, are these foods also safe for mice? Asking for a friend.”


Learn More About Hamsters Today!

Our Aim here at Can My hamster is to help everyone learn how to care and take care of their hamsters. If you have any issues or problems or would like to get in touch then please feel free to contact us direct, we hope our website has helped you in some shape or form. Please note we are not vets so can not give vet advice in regards to your pet Hamster.