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Can My Hamster

A Website Dedicated to The Humble Hamster

About Us:

We are Obsessed with Hamsters It’s No Secret!

Hi there, we are Can My Hamster and we are obsessed with these amazing little creatures.

Can My Hamster was created to help people understand their pet hamsters. What’s the right type of food they can eat and drink and what type of activities they enjoy.

So if you have a pet hamster, or are considering adopting a new fury friend then why not check out our website!

Do You Own A Pet Hamster Or Are Thinking About Getting One?

Well we are here to help. Weather you own a pet hamster or are planning on joining the large community of hamster owners. We are a website that specialises in hamster care. So if you are new or an experienced hamster handler you might find some of our guides quite useful.

We aim to help anyone that is curious about their little fury friend! If you need help with their diet, foods they enjoy or how about potential health issues your hamster might have over their lifespan? We have an article for everyone.

Can’t Find What You Are Looking for?

If you have tried searching our website for the information you require, but sadly have not found it. Well why not get in touch? we aim to respond to your query in 48 hours. Who knows you might even be featured in one of our guides.