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Can My Hamster Eat Split Peas?

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Can Hamsters Really Eat Split Peas?

Can my hamster eat split peas

Can Hamsters Eat Split Peas?

Yes, Hamsters can eat split peas. This food is both healthy and beneficial for your hamster overall health. It is recommend to feed them in moderation due to the high fiber content.

Split Peas Comparison Table

We have created a table for you to compare the benefits and negatives of your hamster eating Split Peas. Please read through them carefully, so you can decide weather or not Split Peas are suitable for your hamster.


  • Healthy snack
  • full of vitamins
  • full of fiber
  • part of a varied diet


  • Feed in moderation
a picture o split peas

What are Split Peas?

Split peas are a type of legume that are harvested from the dried seeds of certain varieties of peas, primarily the Pisum sativum plant. They are called “split peas” because they are processed by removing the outer hull and then splitting the pea in half along its natural seam. This splitting process exposes the inner cotyledons, or halves, of the seed, which are usually yellow or green in color. The two most common types of split peas are green and yellow.

Green varieties of this food are known for their robust flavor and are often used in traditional dishes like pea soup, stews, and curries. They have a slightly sweet and earthy taste and tend to hold their shape well during cooking, making them ideal for thickening soups and adding texture to various recipes. Yellow versions, on the other hand, have a milder flavor and can turn soft and creamy when cooked, making them a popular choice for dals (lentil-based dishes) and purees.

Split peas are not only delicious but also highly nutritious. They are an excellent source of plant-based protein, dietary fiber, vitamins (such as folate, vitamin B1, and vitamin K), and essential minerals like iron and potassium. Moreover, they are naturally low in fat and contain no cholesterol, making them a healthy addition to a balanced diet. Due to their versatility and nutritional benefits, this vegetable has been a staple ingredient in various cuisines worldwide for centuries.

So Is It Safe to Feed My Hamster Split Peas?

Yes, it is safe to feed your hamster split peas. This type of food is not toxic to hamsters and they can enjoy the whole of this type of food.

If you want to feed your hamster this tasty treat we recommend you wash it first throughly to ensure it’s clean. Once clean you can offer your hamster a small piece. A small piece is no bigger than your hamsters head. Something they can easily carry around. You will want to limit this to two times a week due to the fiber content.

There are plenty of other tasty foods that your hamster can enjoy like carrots, broccoli and even spinach. Please note if you are at all feeling unwell do remember to wash your hands and don’t have too much contact with your hamster as humans can pass on unwanted illnesses to their little fury friends.

Just remember when introducing your hamster to new foods it is best to introduce them gradually. Some hamsters might have a bad time with certain foods. So we encourage our readers to get a small amount of the food and feed it to their hamster. Wait 48 hours and see if your hamster has had any reactions to the food. If they have not had any issues it is safe to say you can feed them this type of food as part of a balanced diet.

can hamsters eat split peas


So, there we have it it is perfectly fine to feed your hamster a split pea as part of a balanced healthy lifestyle. Just remember to feed them in moderation.

There is so much types of foods that your hamster can enjoy, but there are also foods they should not consume like garlic, onions and even tasty human snacks like Doritos.


Here at Can My Hamster we help people learn all about their fury little friends. What foods they can eat, what things they can do and how to look after them. Please note though, we are not trained Vets we have just looked after Hamsters for many years. So if your hamster is showing any health concerns ensure you get them to a vet as soon as you can.


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