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Can My Hamster Go to School with Me?

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Ever Wanted To Take Your Fury Friend To School? Can You, Can’t you? Well we Find out!

how to take your hamster to school

Hamsters, those small and adorable rodents, often become beloved pets, who doesn’t love them? Some hamster owners may wonder if they can take their hamsters to school for various reasons, such as show-and-tell, projects, or just for fun. In this article, we will explore whether this is possible and provide tips on how to take your hamster to school safely.

Bringing Your Hamster to School: Yes or No?

The possibility of bringing your hamster to school is a bit of a mixed bag. While hamsters are social animals that enjoy bonding with their owners and are curious about new experiences, they differ in some key ways.

Here’s when your hamster can go to school with you:

  • Permission from School and Parents: Always seek permission from your school and your parents before bringing your hamster to school. Some schools have strict policies regarding pets, and parents may have concerns about the pet’s safety and well-being.
  • Suitable Carrier: Ensure your hamster is transported in a secure, well-ventilated carrier with familiar items from their home, such as toys or treats. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, loud noises, or strong odors.
  • A Safe Place at School: Find a quiet and secure location at school, such as a locker, a classroom, or an office, to keep your hamster. Never leave your hamster unattended. Provide food, water, and hiding spots, and check on them regularly. They are escape artists!
  • Valid Reason: Take your hamster to school only for legitimate purposes, like show-and-tell, educational projects, or other school-related activities. Always be considerate of others who may have allergies or discomfort around hamsters.

Steps for Taking Your Hamster to School

If you decide to take your hamster to school, follow these steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Prepare Your Hamster: Prior to the trip, make sure your hamster is in good health. Schedule a check-up with a vet, ensure vaccinations are up to date, and groom your hamster. Prepare all the necessary supplies and accessories, including the carrier, food, water, and of course toys.
  • Introduce the Carrier: Familiarize your hamster with the carrier gradually. Place it in their cage or play area and let them explore it. Consider adding treats or bedding to make it more appealing and comfortable. Avoid forcing or frightening your hamster into the carrier, as this could create negative associations. We don’t want our hamster to be upset or aggressive.
  • Safe Transport: When transporting your hamster, handle the carrier gently, avoid sudden movements, and ensure their safety. Shield your hamster from temperature extremes, sunlight, loud noises, and strong odors. Periodically check on your hamster, offering water and treats as needed.
  • Ensure Comfort at School: Keep your hamster in a secure and peaceful spot at school. Never leave them unsupervised. Provide ample food, water, and hiding places. Regularly check on your hamster, and interact with them gently and respectfully to avoid stress or disturbance.
  • Safe Return Home: When it’s time to go back home, ensure a safe and smooth journey. Transport your hamster in the same careful manner as before and reintroduce them gradually to their home. Allow them to rest and recover. Monitor your hamster for any changes in behavior or health and seek vet care if needed. A clear sign of stress in hamster can be hair loss.
a hamster going to school

In Conclusion

While hamsters can accompany you to school on certain conditions, they are unique pets with distinct characteristics and behaviors. Remember to ask for permissions, provide a secure carrier, find a suitable spot at school, and have a legitimate reason for taking your hamster with you.

Prepare your hamster, introduce them to the carrier, transport them safely, ensure their comfort at school, and return them home smoothly. Hamsters are adorable pets with their own quirks and traits, so consider their needs and well-being when planning such outings.


Here at Can My Hamster we help people learn all about their fury little friends. What foods they can eat, what things they can do and how to look after them. Please note though, we are not trained Vets we have just looked after Hamsters for many years. So if your hamster is showing any health concerns ensure you get them to a vet as soon as you can.

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